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About Us

Chemilinco Industries (Formerly Chemilinco Pharmaceuticals, situated at Kabirpur Road, Sonipat) is a reliable name when it comes to chemicals and chemicals mixture. The company was established by Late Shri A.K Malik in the year 1991 with the name of Chemilinco Pharmaceuticals. Working as a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter, we provide Soda Lime, Soda Lime Co2 Absorbent, Formalin Tablets, Soda Lime with pink Indicator and Sodasorb.


We formulate chemicals that are intended to be used in hospital environments. Soda lime being our main product, is developed by treating slaked lime with a solution of concentrated sodium hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide, Water, Sodium hydroxide, and Potassium hydroxide, are the main components of granular soda lime. It acts as a Co2 Absorbent, as it can absorb 23 L of CO2 per 100g of absorbent. Sodasorb is an ideal CO2 absorber, which can remove exhaled CO2 from closed-circuit rebreather gear, saturation breathing systems and hyperbaric chambers. It is highly demanded for commercial and recreational diving and underwater habitat applications, because of following reasons:
  • Cost effectiveness  
  • Consistent quality
  • Longer lasting performance
  • Changes colors when absorption capacity exhausts
Formalin Tablets, also called paraformaldehyde tablets is used mainly for disinfecting. It efficiently reduces bacterial population and ideal for storing unwrapped sterilized instruments.

Quality Policy

We, at Chemilinco Industries practice a philosophy of putting our customers first when manufacturing a variety of chemicals that meet their requirements. In addition to provide the most appropriate chemicals for the job, we also render outstanding customer-service. We are continually improving our quality management system by putting our efforts in attaining the satisfaction of customers.

In order to achieve our quality objectives, our people not only manufacture chemicals that meet the customer requirements, but also operate in line with applicable regulatory requirements, maintain high quality standards, timely fulfill orders, maintain professionalism when dealing with customers, achieve accuracy in processes, periodically monitor quality management system and measure performance.